Meaning Of PRN

What is the Meaning of PRN Positions?

Meaning of PRNIf you have heard the term PRN in relation to on-call nurse staffing positions, here is the meaning of PRN. PRN is an abbreviated Latin medical term that translates to ‘as needed’ and in the context of nurse staffing, the meaning of PRN is that of a nurse who fills in when needed, depending on her availability and the needs of the facility to which she is under contract. PRN work is not the same as part-time work, since they are not required to work a certain number of hours but work purely on a per diem basis.

For nurses, the meaning of PRN work is flexibility, as it allows them to work in a variety of settings as well as in different areas of nursing while providing them with the freedom to pursue advanced qualifications, serve family obligations or pursue other interests. However, the meaning of PRN work also involves uncertainty, as the nurse does not have a fixed, predictable income although she may earn a higher per-hour rate than regular nurses. PRN work also requires the nurse to be extremely adaptable as she constantly has to adjust to new settings, new tasks and new co-workers.

meaning of PRN staffingNow that you know what a PRN position entails you may be wondering how to get a PRN position. PRN positions are usually available at health care facilities that offer 24-hour care and are used to fill up gaps in staffing. Note that if you are a PRN nurse you may also have to be on call during holidays and weekends, when the facility may suddenly need staff to fill in for one of their regular nurses. Because of the meaning of PRN these positions are generally not open to new graduates but to experienced nurses, since the nurse will immediately have to perform the work required with minimal orientation and training.

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