PRN Medical

PRN Medical: What to Know

PRN medical remediesPRN medical products are those that can be used as needed, such as pain relievers like acetaminophen, back pain remedies, and laxatives. Most people think PRN medical products are safe because they are used as needed. Medical remedies that are as needed must be safe, right?

However, there are things you should know about these remedies, and you should be careful how you use them. Acetaminophen, sold as Tylenol, is a safe and effective way to relieve headaches and minor aches and pains, and that is why it is a good PRN medical remedy, but it does have dangers, and you should be aware of those. Just because a PRN medical alternative to aspirin is sold over the counter does not mean it is necessarily as safe as water. And remember too much water in too short a time can kill you, too.

Safe does not mean risk-free, even with PRN. Medical is medical, and medicine can have side effects. You have to remember that and be prepared for what can happen. Above all, you have to take acetaminophen or Tylenol as directed, because PRN medical products are medicine, and some of them, particularly extra-strength, are powerful medical items.

Acetaminophen is included in a number of other PRN medical alternatives, such as cough and cold products, so always check every product you take to in order to avoid an accidental overdose.

Acetaminophen, as a PRN medical product, can cause potentially fatal liver damage when taken in overdose quantities. Always read the label on every PRN medical product you use and never take more than the recommended dose of any medical item as taking more will not help you get relief faster or get more relief. Do not take more than one product containing acetaminophen.

PRN medical remedies consultationIf you are taking a prescription PRN medical product for pain, talk to your physician before taking a non-prescription pain medical item.

And never take PRN medical remedies containing acetaminophen with alcohol as this can increase liver damage.

When you suffer back pain it is easy to reach for the bottle of back pain pills, after all they say use as necessary. Medical help in the form of medication is the best, right? Not necessarily.

Reasons you should NOT seek PRN medical help for your back pain.

1. You may have to try a number of PRN medications to find one that works for your back pain. Every back pain prescription medication works differently and the first, or even second or third PRN medication you try may not work for you. This trial and error method may eventually give you relief, but you will have to go through agony trying one solution after another until you find something that works.

PRN medical remedies effect2. PRN medical remedies have sometimes serious side effects. Whether you take NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications) or narcotics you can expect side effects. These may include constipation, dizziness, vomiting, dry mouth, urinary retention, and other side effects. Many use as needed solutions affect more than your pain, but you do not realize this. That is why you might want to investigate muscular therapy or rehab for your pain.



More Reasons Not To Take PRN Medical For Back Pain

PRN medicalPRN Medical Products Are Expensive

PRN medical therapies are extremely expensive. Even if your insurance covers your medications, you can still plan on spending a great deal of money on PRN medical products, if you have to take medications for the rest of your life to manage your pain. You can also expect your medical insurance to go up if you have a back problem.

PRN Medical Could Be Addictive

You could become dependent or addicted to PRN medical drugs for your back. This is true for anyone who develops a habit of popping back pain drugs when they feel twinges. Those twinges come more often and the pain killers don’t make the pain completely go away. You may find yourself taking PRN drugs more often, and you could soon be addicted.

PRN medical remedyPRN Drug Is Not The Remedy

PRN drugs do not solve your problem. These pain killers block pain signals or interrupt the way your brain interprets those signals, but they do not change the fact that your back’s nerves are sending pain signals, and they do not fix the muscles that are sending pain signals.

The real way to become pain free is to discover what is causing the pain and fix it, and that requires muscle therapy. You can do it and you will feel much better and not need PRN drugs long-term.

That is not to say use when necessary type medical drugs are not beneficial short-term; they are. But they are not a good long-term solution for back pain.

The bottom line is that these products and drugs are great for what they do, which is eliminate short-term pain and help you get back on your feet. PRN medical products are excellent when used as directed and they can help you move forward and continue living your life.

But PRN medical products, while “safe,” are not “risk-free,” nor are these drugs a miracle cure for everything. They cannot fix everything that ails you, and they do have side effects and risks. You must take care of yourself and you must do what you have to do to take care of yourself.

drink PRN medicalYou cannot expect that you can just pop a PRN medical pill and everything will be fine and dandy; life doesn’t work that way and neither do these types of medications. You have to be responsible and understand the risks and dangers as well as the possible side effects. Then you can use PRN non prescription drugs while working out the real problems underlying your pain and getting the best benefits and results from these medications.

Drugs or medications are never a be-all, end-all, cure-all, but they can help you feel better, and when truly used as needed and only as needed without abusing it and used responsibly, you can get the best benefits from it without overdoing it. You can learn to feel better and have a great backup for your health when you need it, where you need it.

Medical Employment Agencies

What You Need to Know in Medical Employment Agencies

Medical Employment AgenciesAre you a healthcare professional that’s having trouble in finding the right job opportunity? Worry no more, medical employment agencies are here to help provide various positions in the healthcare industry. They specialize in hiring nurses, physicians,  allied health staffing, researchers in clinical studies, therapists, travel nurses, etc.

There are a lot of medical employment agencies to choose from, they offer assistance to healthcare practitioners to work in top and prestigious hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other medical industry. It’s not just filling in the medical professionals in the medical facilities, these staffing firms also care about the patients, so they only provide the best employees with skills and caring heart to their patients. The advantage of this is you can save money and time, you won’t be stressed in searching for medical job hiring and you don’t need to go to several hospitals and pass your resume because your online resume will be posted for viewing and initial screening of the company once there’s a vacancy in the area that you specialize. It also benefits the companies because through outsourcing in medical employment agencies, they will be properly investing their money and time in newly hired medical workers that are surely equipped with experience, credibility and with tested patient satisfaction record. Medical employment agencies have procedures that they follow to ensure that only the most suitable candidate is hired, first they narrow down through location of the applicant and the company, next they evaluate the credentials and experiences of the Medical Employment Agencies companyapplicants and the rating of their previous employers to make sure to only recommend highly qualified medical staff and finally they give the list to the company and the employer will contact the applicants. So it works both ways for the healthcare professionals and companies, the medical employment agencies make it easier and not time consuming in this way.

You must be careful in selecting the most reputable out of the hundreds of medical employment agencies, you have to consider the salary, bonuses and benefits if it competitive enough, if the administration staff are willing enough to answer all your queries and will help you the find right opportunity in the healthcare field.

Travel Nurse Solutions

Be a Travel Nurse Now

Travel Nurse SolutionsAre you a nurse that dreams of traveling but you feel you can’t because of your long duties in the hospital? Be a travel nurse, now you have the chance to go to new places, meet diverse people, and gain new insights and experiences that can help you grow personally and nurture your nursing career professionally. A travel nurse solutions not only your desire to explore different destinations but it can help you earn big and lets you work at top and prestigious facilities.

The travel nurse solutions the shortage of staff nurses in special areas and various settings although it is a short term assignment, usually ranges from 4-8 weeks or may extend to 1-2 years, what’s important is you always learn new things that can add up to your professional growth. But before you can apply as a travel nurse, you are required to have at least 1 to 2 years experience in your specialized area, in order to qualify, you must be competitively skilled and highly knowledgeable in your field of specialty. You need to find a nursing agency that offer high salary with travel and housing benefits, insurance, compensation  and other assistance needed for your relocation. You can gain more friends and colleagues from coast to coast, you can pass the new information and the travel nurse solutions the gap between fellow staff nurses. Being a travel nurse solutions your expansion of social network that may benefit you in best Travel Nurse Solutionsthe future, it will open the opportunities through referring you and lets you land in your dream job. You are always updated with clinical knowledge, skills and techniques in your nursing tasks, you will never be rusty and gives you the edge of your career. You become more flexible, the travel nurse solutions your  versatility and adaptability to new and unfamiliar situations, you’ll have a stronger sense and use of your critical thinking in different practice settings.

A successful travel nurse solutions the missing link of earning high and seeing the vast world. You must be prepared to take on new challenges,  have a proper financial planning and flexible positive attitude.


Meaning Of PRN

What is the Meaning of PRN Positions?

Meaning of PRNIf you have heard the term PRN in relation to on-call nurse staffing positions, here is the meaning of PRN. PRN is an abbreviated Latin medical term that translates to ‘as needed’ and in the context of nurse staffing, the meaning of PRN is that of a nurse who fills in when needed, depending on her availability and the needs of the facility to which she is under contract. PRN work is not the same as part-time work, since they are not required to work a certain number of hours but work purely on a per diem basis.

For nurses, the meaning of PRN work is flexibility, as it allows them to work in a variety of settings as well as in different areas of nursing while providing them with the freedom to pursue advanced qualifications, serve family obligations or pursue other interests. However, the meaning of PRN work also involves uncertainty, as the nurse does not have a fixed, predictable income although she may earn a higher per-hour rate than regular nurses. PRN work also requires the nurse to be extremely adaptable as she constantly has to adjust to new settings, new tasks and new co-workers.

meaning of PRN staffingNow that you know what a PRN position entails you may be wondering how to get a PRN position. PRN positions are usually available at health care facilities that offer 24-hour care and are used to fill up gaps in staffing. Note that if you are a PRN nurse you may also have to be on call during holidays and weekends, when the facility may suddenly need staff to fill in for one of their regular nurses. Because of the meaning of PRN these positions are generally not open to new graduates but to experienced nurses, since the nurse will immediately have to perform the work required with minimal orientation and training.